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Above (clockwise): Sketch restaurant in London, Proxi restaurant in Chicago, Ours restaurant in London, and Ufficio restaurant in Toronto
Above (clockwise): Sketch restaurant in London, Proxi restaurant in Chicago, Ours restaurant in London, and Ufficio restaurant in Toronto

The world of Instagram has changed the way we live, shop and dine. A restaurant’s success is no longer just about their menu or service but also their interior design. Scrolling through any food bloggers feed and you will notice just as many shots of a restaurant tiled floor or wallpaper bathrooms as their food. And restaurants are well aware of this fact, they hire world class design teams to ensure their interiors are on trend and on point. So why not take cues for your home’s interior next time you go out for dinner? The best in restaurant design can update your home, here are some of your favourites.

Go pink or go home
Sketch restaurant, in London, has been at the forefront of interior design ever since it opened. They have embraced pink before it was even a trend – and it works. One of the reasons it works so well, is they went for it. They didn’t simply opt for a pink feature wall, they did pink on pink on pink. But to keep it modern and fresh, opt for a wall to wall gallery style installation of modern sketches. We love the way they installed the gallery link a band around the room.

Ditch the chandelier
Traditionally, one would always hang a chandelier over the centre of their dining table but that seems too expected these days. Why not consider swing arm wall sconce like the industrial inspired ones at Proxi restaurant in Chicago. The swing arm light can easily be adjusted by swinging it in and out from the table – perfectly adjusting to your every changing lighting needs. And while you are at it, why not consider a banquet or bench instead of traditional dining chairs.

Go modular in your kitchen
Open concept kitchens have been all the rage over the past few years. Designers have been ditching upper cupboards in favour of open shelving. In fact, many kitchens simply feature one long single shelf across the entire wall. But this style can prove a challenge for keeping your kitchen organized. So why not opt for a more modular style kitchen wall inspired by this back bar at Ufficio in Toronto. The bar and shelf system creates an opportunity to change up the look and utility over time as your cooking, and decorating, habits change.

Wallpaper your ceilings
The number of impromptu Instagram photo shoots that seem to take place in beautifully wallpapered restaurant bathrooms seems unending. But why not change it up a little and wallpaper the ceiling? Tropical palms have almost been played out but they seem fresh on the ceiling at Ours restaurant. And if you want your guests to take selfies in your bathroom, make sure you have great ambient lighting (consider installing dimmers) and mirrors that make everyone look great.

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