iOS Leak Confirms 3D Animated Emojis

Above: The poop, monkey, and robot face are just some of the new and improved emojis

Thanks to an internal leak, we’re already getting a closer look at some of Apple’s newest iOS updates. The breach comes just days before the company’s epic keynote event, which is being held this Tuesday at their headquarters in California. According to information obtained by folks at 9to5Mac, we can expect a whole bevy of updates to our favourite Apple products.

Along with facial recognition in the iPhone 8, users will also get a ton of amazing new wallpapers, an improved iPad dock, and True Tone display. All of this may be enough to pique the interest of loyal customers, but just know that Apple’s powerful new smartphones still have a few surprises up their sleeve.

Aside from the software updates exclusively on new Apple products, users will also be happy to know that iOS 11 will contain some slick features. One of the most exciting toys will likely be Apple’s revamped emoji system. Before you panic, none of your favourites are going anywhere—you’ll still be able to send poop emojis galore. What you can expect, however, are animated emojis that will appear in 3D and showcase small, unique expressions.

The aptly titled, animojis, will also be customizable with facial recognition technology. This means that senders will be able to manipulate the faces of robots, monkeys, and yes even poop, to fit their desired mood. There has yet to be an official demo of the update, but expect a full rundown on Tuesday at Apple’s press conference.

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