Mercedes-Benz Unveils its First Pickup Truck

Above: The X-Class is the first Mercedes-Benz model of its kind
Above: The X-Class is the first Mercedes-Benz model of its kind

After initially teasing a pickup truck back in October of last year, automobile giant, Mercedes-Benz, is now officially showcasing its exciting new X-Class model. The vehicle is the first of its kind to be made by the German manufacturer, and when it releases, it will do so with a bevy of excellent features.

The X-Class will come armed with a 1920mm x 5340mm frame and a powerful four-cylinder, V6 diesel engine. Unsurprisingly, the durable pickup will also arrive equipped with rear and all-wheel drive. Given that the X-Class is a pickup, its tow capacity will be a respectable weight of 3.5 tons, with a max load of 1.1 tons.

Mercedes-Benz will launch the X-Class later this November, and when it does, consumers can expect three variants available on the market. Along with a classic PURE version, you can purchase two slightly more advanced models: the PROGRESSIVE and POWER. Both of the aforementioned editions will offer a higher quality make of X-Class that will suit more rugged urban and rural environments.

Given that this is a Mercedes vehicle, you can also rest easy knowing that the X-Class will come with a few bells and whistles. Among other little tidbits, the truck will be outfitted with a slick multimedia centre including an 8.4 inch display. For a more detailed look at the upcoming release, check out the video below.

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