Report: Apple to Release Low-Cost iPad

Your mobile arsenal could be getting a rather nice and affordable addition this year. According to sources at The Verge, Apple is preparing to release a low-cost iPad model in the very near future. This strategic move tightens the giant’s stranglehold on the tablet market and will help keep it ahead of competitors at Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. The product has yet to be announced, but rumours indicate that it’ll have a price tag of about $260—if true, this would put it roughly $100 back of the current standard model.

We may not know much about Apple’s new device right now, but thankfully, audiences may get a glimpse as early as next week. The Verge reports that Apple will unveil the iPad at an education-focused event in Chicago this Tuesday, which will focus on “creative new ideas for teachers and students.” The product reveal would be in-line with the conference’s message, which preaches accessibility and integration of tech in classrooms.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t plan to livestream the event, so we’ll have to wait and see exactly what goes down next week. In addition to the budget-friendly iPad, brand gurus at Gizmodo are predicting the company to announce a full line of gadgets including an Apple Pencil, updated iBooks App, and an educational tool called ClassKit. While we await official word from Chicago, take a peek at what else Apple may have in the pipeline here.

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