Samsung Accidentally Leaks Galaxy Watch

Above: Samsung is gearing for its next batch of smartwatches
Above: Samsung is gearing for its next batch of smartwatches

Well, it looks like we’re getting our first official look at the forthcoming Samsung smartwatch. No it wasn’t leaked by some slick team of internet hackers, and no a test model wasn’t left on a bar stool somewhere in California. Thanks to an honest mistake from the tech company itself, fans were treated to images of the brand new Galaxy Watch which we now assume will drop in the near future.

A few lucky lurkers were online this morning and noticed the fresh gear on Samsung’s webstore, and thankfully, they were able to snag a few screenshots before the images were taken down. For those patiently awaiting the timepiece, you may recall that the Galaxy Watch is an updated sequel to the previous and successful Samsung iteration known as the Gear S2.

The listing on the online store previewed a 42mm rose gold watch outfitted with a sleek and classic aesthetic. Despite the wonderful flub, there was no concrete release date or price tag attached to the listing. According to some industry insiders, however, it’s thought that the Galaxy Watch will be armed with the most recent Tizen operating software and also be equipped with Bixby integration — Bixby is, of course, the tech giant’s handy voice-powered virtual assistant that allows for users to complete everyday tasks with ease.

Samsung has yet to step forward to address their mishap, and they’ve also yet to discuss the Galaxy Watch in full detail. While we await the retail drop, take a sneak peek at the leaked listing below.

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