Tesla Teases New Model Y Crossover SUV

Above: The new Model Y will debut in 2019

The world’s most forward-thinking automobile is that much closer to hitting the streets. Elon Musk and the folks over at Tesla Motors are turning heads with a subtle announcement regarding their latest car, the Model Y. An announcement regarding the product was made earlier today, and has consumers and motorheads alike turning their heads and buzzing with anticipation. Judging from the brief tease we’ve received, it looks like the Model Y will be a crossover SUV and will come armed with a shadowy black finish.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature, however, is the lack of side mirrors. As for what that particular decision means to the car itself, we’ll just have to wait and see. Tesla themselves are being tight-lipped about the new machine, but thankfully, they’ve given us a vague timeline for its imminent release. According to sources close to company spokespeople, you can expect the Model Y to rollout in 2019. In the meantime, the manufacturers are remaining as busy as ever this year, and are on-track to launch the Model S in a matter of months.

The aforementioned four-door offering will likely be more affordable than the Y and will hit pavement in July. Elon Musk spoke to shareholders recently and gave some insight on creative decisions and his mindset when it comes to building SUVs. “It would have been better to just design an SUV the way an SUV should be designed. Design a sedan, the way a sedan should be designed. Otherwise, you would just try to shoehorn something that doesn’t make sense,” he said in reference to the upcoming series.

If his words ring true in 2019, we may be getting the most advanced and yet equally traditional SUV on the market. Until then, we’ll just have to decipher their mysterious teaser photo.

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