Samsung is Teasing a Foldable Smartphone

Above: Does Samsung's iconic logo bending mean what we think it does?

The foldable phone wars are on. Almost a year ago, rumours pointed to Apple developing a funky bendable device after a development patent trickled onto the internet. Since then, not much has been made of the potential product, but that hasn’t stopped competitors from entering the mix.

Samsung already appears to be primed to enter the foldable market, and judging from reports at BGR, it could all go down sooner than we think. Samsung just updated its profile pictures on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter… and yes, you guessed it. Their new photo of choice is the company’s logo bending in half.

Earlier this summer, the Wall Street Journal indicated that Samsung’s foldable device could drop by the end of 2018. Tech fans will get confirmation of this potential launch on Wednesday, when Samsung begins its annual developer conference. The event will showcase new gadgets and toys from the tech giant and will be live-streamed starting at 1:00PM EST. You can catch the action for free by bookmarking the YouTube link below.

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