Tesla Makes The Electric Car Hot

Tesla Makes The Electric Car Hot

Most car companies launch their new models with lots of fanfare and hoopla to the automobile press but few manage to get exposure beyond that market. But all that changed with upstart Tesla and their announcement of a ‘luxurious’ electric car. Tesla’s announcement seemed to have been taken directly from the Apple iphone launch playbook. Everyone seems to be talking about this new electric car; this is not the first ever electric car but it seems to be the only one the press is talking about these days. So we looked into the hype of the new Model 3 to find out more.

The stats:

  • The range is 365km. This is often a sticking point when people consider electric cars but with the possibility of over 300k on one charge, no one should be worried about their commute or weekend chores getting done without running out of juice.
  • This baby goes from 0 to 100km in under 6 seconds. Now that is good pep.
  • The Model 3 will be available in all-wheel and rear-wheel drive options.
  • Seats 5 adults comfortably.
  • Two trunks come standard – one in the front and one in the back.
  • Cabin is as quiet as any higher end car.
  • In dash electronics are all controlled on a 15inch tablet-like touchscreen.
  • Price, $35,000 USD

The Tesla Model 3 may have taken 10 years in the making but it promises to be the electric car for the masses; this model is less than half the cost of previous electric models from Tesla. You just have to wait another year for it to go into production. But the company is taking reservations for just a $1000; over 300,000 reservations have already been placed.

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