Top Tech Trends From CES 2024: Where Will The Future Take Us?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 wrapped up late last week… Here are the top tech trends from CES 2024: everything from the latest in automative to AI and entertainment. And, of course, personal robots.

By: Christian Dare

Every year CES showcases the best and newest in cutting edge technology for consumers. It always delivers sleek new high tech TVs, powerful computers and more AI-powered gadgetry than anyone realistically needs. From invisible TVs to personal aircrafts, the sheer number of products released at this annual event is mind boggling and to be honest some can be downright unnecessary. But we have combed through all the products and found the very best products of CES 2024.

There has been a lot of talk about AI over the past year, so it should be no surprise that Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning continued to dominate CES 2024. From innovations in generative AI, to computers with vision, and even AI-powered robotics were everywhere. Amazon, for instance, wowed the audience with new generative AI-powered Alexa experiences, enhancing our interactions with voice assistants.

Samsung’s Ballie personal assistant robot, now equipped with an onboard projector and enhanced AI capabilities. Ballie can autonomously drive around the home to complete various tasks. Further, by connecting to and managing home appliances, Ballie can provide a helping hand to users in many situations — continually learning from users’ patterns and habits to provide smarter, more personalized services. Ballie provides peace of mind by sending video updates of pets or loved ones to users’ devices when they’re away from home. What’s more, Ballie can set the mood for any home activity whether users are exercising, working or relaxing. From projecting workout videos on the wall or floor to playing music and answering phone calls, Ballie makes life at home more productive and enjoyable.It’s a testament to how AI is bringing automation and companionship into our homes. The Jetson style future is here!

Automative High Tech
Centre stage, this year at CES, belonged to the automotive industry; with electric and self driving vehicles leading the way forward. Almost all the major automakers revealed brand new EV models equipped with self-driving technologies and better batteries (often the issue with EV). The shift towards a greener and safer future on the roads is well on its way.

Up first, Honda’s 0 series electric vehicles, including the Saloon and Space-Hub concept models, offer a glimpse into the future of EV design. With the o’s unique, thin, and light design, Honda is poised to make a significant impact on the North American electric vehicle market. It’s all about sleek new designs not weighed down by heavy batteries. Moreover, to address concerns about “charging time” and “battery degradation,” which have been the challenge facing the popularization of EVs, Honda 0 Series models will offer stress-free charging performance and worry-free battery performance. For the 0 Series models to be launched in the second half of the 2020s, fast-charging 15% to 80% will be shortened to about 10-15 minutes.

Hyundai introduced the S-A2, an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for urban air mobility, slated to launch in 2028. The pilot-plus-four-passenger vehicle marks the latest milestone in Supernal’s roadmap to commercialize safe, efficient and affordable everyday passenger air travel.That’s right, Hyundai sees flying, or some version of it, in our personal transportation future.

Entertainment’s Evolution
It feels every year at CES, the entertainment offerings are all about bigger and better ultra-high-definition displays and immersive audio systems to transform our at home experiences. And this year was no different, except perhaps the integration of even more AI to enhance the overall user experience.

The big launch in the Television market was the LG’s Signature OLED T 4K transparent wireless TV. This is a true technological marvel, combining a transparent 4K OLED screen and LG’s wireless video and audio transmission technology to transform the screen experience in ways that have never been possible before. Maintaining its 77-inch screen size, OLED T and its innovative transparent display seamlessly harmonizes with its environment. Practically invisible when turned off, it blends into the environment and frees users from the long-standing problem of what to do with the ‘big black screen.’

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