A Closer Look at RED’s Holographic Smartphone

Above: RED's first Hydrogen One model has now surfaced

Last month, it was revealed that leading camera manufacturers, RED, were hard at work developing a brand new, futuristic smartphone. Dubbed the Hydrogen One, the complex device would be armed with a holographic display function that would project imagery into thin air using 4D technology. It all sounded amazing, but the project was still very much shrouded in mystery, with only a shadowy picture as our main reference point.

Thankfully, the phone’s masterminds have slowly begun to showcase their amazing product, and are now inviting select influencers to see the Hydrogen One firsthand. YouTube vlogger, Marques Brownlee, was lucky enough to hold and demo the RED smartphone this past week and spoke to viewers about the experience.

According to Brownlee, who also goes by the username, MKBHD, the Hydrogen One model came to him in three different pieces. Representatives at RED sent the YouTuber a fit and finish version, a holographic screen prototype, and lastly a phone with an advanced camera add-on. Given that RED has built a name for itself through cutting-edge visuals, it makes sense that the latter model shot crystal clear images.

As for the first two demos, Brownlee said that the fit and finish Hydrogen One was the closest thing that RED was aiming for when it comes to a future retail version. The holographic 4D display was blurred out due to a confidentiality agreement, but Brownlee said that it exceeded his expectations. As explained earlier this month, the special feature is produced using nanotechnology, but for a more traditional feel, users can seamlessly switch to a normal 2D view.

There has still yet to be an official launch date for the Hydrogen One, but early reports indicate that it will set buyers back about one thousand dollars. The MKBHD video also hinted that more fully-realized demos will make their rounds sometime within the next month. In the meantime, check out the video below via MKBHD’s YouTube channel.

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