Apple Unveils New AirPods with Wireless Charging

We hope you didn’t shell out cash for a pair of headphones recently. Earlier today, Apple quietly unveiled its latest edition of AirPods and the in-ear buds pack some serious technological features. The updated accessories follow up the first iteration of the product, which debuted at the end of 2016. After a successful run, which of course included many internet memes, the tech giant is now ready to unleash a second wave later this year.

According to a press release, the AirPod 2 will come with an option of a fancy wireless charging case, hands-free Siri communication, and a powerful H1 chip. This updated chip will be equipped with “performance efficiencies”, which means faster times for syncing with devices and 50% more talk time in total.

Perhaps a tad creepy is the fact that Siri will always be tuning into your AirPods, but that no doubt will assist in a more streamlined user experience. Another highlight of the hardware is that both the wireless and basic cases hold additional charges for, judging on the release, 24 hours of total listening time. As of now, you’re looking at about $267 CAD for the wireless version, while the standard will retail for roughly $212 CAD. Check out the product on Apple’s official website here.

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