10 Best Rides For Adults In Disneyland

(Above clockwise: California Screamin’, The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror, Indiana Jones Adventure and Haunted Mansion)

There are two basic types of adult theme-park visitors: those who LOVE thrill rides, and those who AVOID them at all costs. The good news: Disneyland Resort knows how to make the parks fun for both types of guests.

So if you have a few days to visit The Happiest Place on Earth, just follow these lists of top Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park attractions and max out the fun on rides that are right for you:

Type One: The Thrill Ride Junkie

  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – more curves than drops but you get enough speed to enjoy it.
  2. Matterhorn Bobsleds – a somewhat bumpy “bobsled” ride that goes inside, outside and around the mountain.
  3. Splash Mountain – a classic ride that starts off slow but ends with a dramatic drop (and water! Lots of water!)
  4. Star Tours – you don’t actually go anywhere, but this simulator ride can make you feel as though you are moving fast. Plus, Star Wars!
  5. Space Mountain – a fast-moving roller coaster in the dark. What else is there to say?
  6. Soarin’ over California – no big thrills, but you swoop up over the screen and watch scenes from around the state as though you are hang-gliding.
  7. Grizzly River Run – the drops are mild but it’s a fun way to get wet on a hot day.
  8. Mickey’s Fun Wheel – an inventive take on the Ferris wheel where the cars you are riding in slide back and forth as well as going around. Not for those prone to motion sickness.
  9. California Screamin’ – a massive coaster with an upside-down loop. And screaming.
  10. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – You go up 13 creepy storeys. You get in an elevator. The elevator falls, goes back up, falls again, goes back up…you get the idea. Terrifyingly great.

Type Two: Thrill Ride Avoider

  1. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters – shoot at targets as you drive past in a slow-moving car, collect points and save the galaxy.
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean – it’s a classic! Some small drops but mostly fun as your boat takes you through a gun battle and into a town being looted by pirates.
  3. Haunted Mansion – your slow-moving doom buggy takes you through this spooky mansion where you are entertained by ghosts.
  4. Indiana Jones Adventure – it’s a bumpy, jerky ride with exciting moments – but no big drops and no spinning.
  5. Star Tours – a simulator ride (it can be a bit queasy-making) as it takes you through Star Wars scenes. Different every time!
  6. Toy Story Mania – more target shooting, this time at midway games. Check online first for tips on how to get higher scores.
  7. Soarin’ over California – you do swoop up in the air to watch the screen, but that’s it, and then it’s just flying over the scenery. Watch for the hidden Mickey on the golf ball!
  8. Goofy’s Sky School – there are some drops here but they are fairly mild and not too fast.
  9. Luigi’s Flying Tires – basically, giant bumper cars that float on a cushion of air and bounce off each other. A bit like air hockey with you riding on the puck.
  10. Radiator Springs Racers – race the car beside you through the setting of the Cars movie – no steering required. Fast enough to be fun but not over the top.

Whichever list you decide to follow, you’ll find that the Disneyland Resort has something for everyone. So put on your Mickey ears, skip the kiddie rides, and enjoy your adventure!

By: Teresa Pitman

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