‘Californication’ Season 7, Episode 11 Recap: Daughter

Above: Becca and Levon meeting each other for the first time.

Last week Hank attempted to light the spark with Karen again, but she shut him down countless times, saying they just don’t work and doesn’t think they’re meant to be together. This was all reinforced by the chaotic dinner scene that ensued at the Runkle’s house, ending with Eddie Nero being launched off the deck patio. Now this week’s episode ‘daughter’ is all about Hank’s worlds (old and new) colliding together in a very uncomfortable scenario for our beloved protagonist.

The episode begins with he, Julia, and Levon taking in the first episode of Santa Monica Cop, which turns out to be an absolute disaster. Hank even fell asleep during the episode, which just shows how bad it was (considering he writes for the show). This worries Levon that the show will be cancelled and the whole family will be out of work. He goes off to bed and Julia launches herself at Hank. They take things into the bedroom, but are interrupted by Levon (the giant and hairy man child) who can’t sleep because he’s so worried about the future of the show, or lack thereof.

The next day at work, Levon’s fears come to fruition as Rath tells the whole set that they have been cancelled after just one episode. This causes the whole set to go into a frenzy, as they’re now all out of jobs. Rath tells everyone to make sure they don’t take what they have for granted, and that if anybody wants to speak with him he will be in his office drinking. Hank pays Rath a visit in his office to talk about next plans. He asks him about his music career, but Rath says that it’s the only thing that’s still pure in his life. The second you start to take something seriously, it loses all of its magic; which is something that Hank can definitely relate to. Rath then goes on to compliment Hank and tells him that he doesn’t think he should go work for another show; instead, he should write a show of his own. Using his crazy, twisted, hedonist life as inspiration for the premise. Hank takes this advice to heart and tells Rath that he will think about it.

The Runkles take the news of Santa Monica Cop being cancelled especially hard, as now they know that Marcy is going to have to sleep with Stu just so they can make the rent. Marcy then offers Runkle the opportunity to go out and sleep with another girl of his choosing. She tells him that it’s only fair if he has to deal with the horrific thought of his wife having sex with her ex-husband. This talk of sleeping with other people gets them all wound up, which then leads to them having sex in the middle of the kitchen.

Now with the option of sleeping with whatever woman he deems worthy of a “hall pass”, Runkle takes to the bar to find the right woman…for a night. While there, he spots a woman at the other end of the bar that catches his eye. She doesn’t seem to mind that Charlie is married, since she has a boyfriend of her own. She asks Charlie to tell her what he’d do to her, which is where his twisted mind comes out. He then takes it one step further and begins to demonstrate on her by spinning her around and feeling her up and down from behind. Just as he starts doing this, a random guy shows up and immediately starts making out with the girl Charlie is trying to proposition. It turns out to be her boyfriend, which not surprisingly, results in Charlie getting knocked out.

Back in Hank’s world, Levon heads over to his place for pizza and a movie night to try and ease some of the burn of the show being cancelled. Then while Hank is getting changed, there’s a knock at the door, which is Becca arriving to surprise her father. Hank hadn’t told Becca about Levon yet, so she’s confused to whom this random kid is hanging out with her dad. Hank arrives in the room moments later and tells Becca that he has some news regarding Levon, and Becca says she has some news of her own. But before Hank can tell Becca the truth about Levon, Julia comes rushing into the house and spoils the news by asking Becca if she’s excited to finally meet her brother.

Marcy pays a visit to see Stu and have sex with him for the price of one million dollars. Here Stu is dressed in one of his classic speedo attires and gets kid giddy when he finds out that Marcy is here to accept her offer. He gets her to sign his contract and they decide to get it over with right then and there. But Stu starts kissing her, and coming on way too strong, to the point that Marcy has to stop it altogether. They agree to try again tomorrow, also so Stu can prepare himself for his big sexual reunion with Marcy. Marcy leaves and Stu scampers off into the other room, where he has a blowup doll of Marcy waiting for him. Stu then engages in a full on sexual foray with his plastic friend to practice for his big day with Marcy.

Hank’s family matters get a whole lot more interesting when Becca lays out the news that she’s getting married. Hank reacts exactly the way you think he would and tells Becca that she’s not aloud to get married. This creates some choice words between Hank and his daughter, as well as the rest of the group backing Becca up and telling Hank that he needs to consider this.

The episode draws to a close when Hank visits Becca and has a heart-to-heart chat with her. He tries his best to understand her reasoning for deciding to get married so quickly. Becca tells her dad that she’s following her gut on this one, which is something that Hank has always been a huge advocate for. She’s getting married in New York, and Hank can be a part of it, or not be a part of it, the choice is his. The episode then finishes as Hank is left with the predicament to give his daughter his blessing, or not support her and miss the most important day of her life.

Next Sunday is the grand finale of the Californication series. Hank has a very weighted decision to make. Should he let his daughter walk down the aisle? Or should he fight against her and maybe lose her forever? It’s also still very unresolved how the story of Hank and Karen is going to end.

Be sure to tune in one last time next week to see how it’s all going to finish.  

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