48 Hours In Ljubljana

The Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, Triple Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Photo: Anthony Shaw Photography/Shutterstock)

Ljubljana is a little well known city at the very heart of the European continent. Often overlooked in favour of large cities such as London or Berlin, the Slovenian capital is worth a visit at any time of the year. Culture and history, ranging from Medieval Kingdoms to Soviet dictatorships have shaped this city into the hub that it is today.

What to see

Possibly the most famous landmark in Ljubljana is the Triple Bridge, a series of three bridges standing side by side and connecting the historic part of the city with the more modern half, over the Ljubljanica River. Surprisingly the triple bridge is the most photographed landmark in Ljubljana. The bright pink Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, a 13th century Monastery and Church standing at the heart of Prešeren Square is listed as a cultural monument of national significance, it has survived numerous earthquakes and houses more than 70,000 religious and historical books, many hand-written Medieval publications.

What to eat

All types of food can be sampled in Ljubljana, with the one and only McDonalds being a major food retailer, however Slovenia is known around the world for its’ unique cake, the Kremšnita. This cake which is composed of vanilla and cream sandwiched between flaky pastry and icing sugar can be found in almost every café and food shop. At relatively low prices this is a perfect stomach filler for any sweet tooth.

What to do

Climbing up to Ljubljana Castle which sits atop Castle Hill is a perfect leisurely walk on a sunny day, passing past nature and offering views across the city. If the walk is too strenuous there is always the funicular railway at a reasonable price. When at the castle, from the battlements the views across Ljubljana are absolutely breathtaking.

Where to shop

Central Market on Vodnik Square is the home of locally manufactured and grown produce ranging from honey to jewellery and second hand clothing. Although not tax free, and with no facilities to pay with credit card, the prices are low, there are over 100 individual retail stalls and the city centre is just steps away across Triple Bridge.

For more information visit: www.visitljubljana.com

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