5 Ways To Exercise When You Travel

5 Ways To Exercise When You Travel

With a typically busy schedule when on the road (whether it’s work commitments or just sightseeing) and a diet that you have to juggle given you’re away from your own kitchen and in a new city, traveling can often lead to gaining weight. But you can avoid getting flabby by making sure to fit in exercise when you are away from home. Some ways to make fitting in fitness easier.

Go for a run

Talk to your hotel concierge about a good route if you’re unfamiliar with the city—many hotels, including the Westin, offer printed cards with a running route. This is a great way to fit in some sightseeing, too—a bonus if most of your time there will be in a trade show! Also, if you’re concerned about packing your running gear in your carry-on luggage, many hotels offer running gear that you can borrow for a small fee during your stay.

Book a room with gym equipment

Work out in the privacy of your own hotel suite by reserving a suite with in-room fitness amenities such as Omni and Kimpton. It’ll make it harder to skip your workout when the machines or kits are readily available in your suite.

Download fitness apps

Use your smartphone or tablet as your personal trainer on the go.

There are a wealth of apps on the market that make it simple for you to do a yoga class, such as Yoga Pro or Pocket Yoga HD, or working up a sweat with some overall conditioning, such as the Nike Training Club app. (Click here to check out our five favourite apps)

Always pack your swim trunks

If your hotel has a pool, make sure to bring your swim gear with you so you can take advantage of swimming laps to get your heart pumping and to burn off the beer you had in the lobby bar.

Make a training session or class part of your trip itinerary

Perhaps it’s a SoulCycle class in New York City, a training session or two with a celebrity fitness trainer—there are some classes or experts that you can only access when you’re in certain cities. Planning on making a unique fitness opportunity a part of your vacation experience is one way to ensure you don’t spend your entire holiday just visiting museums and bar hopping.

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