Celebrity Inspiration For Growing Out Your Beard

Look at these fellas!

Nothing changes the look of a man’s face like facial hair. From a little stubble to full on beards… here are five dashing celebrities and their facial hair experiments for a little inspiration.

celebrity beards - Justin Timberlake

You don’t need perfect vision to see Mr. Timberlake’s light beard. JT’s closely trimmed designer stubble is just on this side of classy and a look that any guy can pull off.

celebrity beards - Alexander Skarsagrd

If you want to go for a look that’s a little more rugged, look to Alexander Skarsagrd and try letting your facial hair grow for a few days. The True Blood star grows a wiry beard whenever he gets a few days out of the sun — which is most days for creatures of the night.

celebrity beards - Idris Elba

A trim clean beard is a look that can work for men of any age. Need a little inspiration? The man who played Mandela keeps his beard as well kempt and precise as his Oscar-worthy acting.

celebrity beards - ben affleck

A full beard is always the way to go for a look that is more serious and mature. Ben Affleck’s got an upcoming role as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie. His full beard looks more ready for a knight in shining armour, though.

celebrity beards - Jon Hamm

Bring out the woodsman in you. Talk about a 180. The clean cut Mad Men star looks to have lost the slim suit and tie and opted for a more I-live-in-the-forest-among-the-animals look. But it works.

by Katie Elliott and Zach Buck

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