Disney Parks Teases New Attraction ‘Star Wars’ Land

Above: The AT-ATs are coming your way

There’s no denying that Star Wars fanatics have a ton of things to anticipate in the near future. Along with the latest and ongoing trilogy, you can also expect a number of cinematic spin offs, video games, Marvel comics, and now two massive attractions at Disney amusement parks. Aptly titled, Star Wars Land, the sprawling destinations will incorporate iconic characters, locales, and adventures from the beloved franchise. The new grounds will be housed at Florida’s Disney World and California’s Disneyland respectively, and will open sometime in 2019. We’ve been able to see mockups and conceptual art these past few months, but not much else has been revealed ahead of its official launch date.

Thankfully, Disneyland executives have released an exciting new teaser video, which seems to confirm that Star Wars Land will boast a couple of AT-ATs: the infamous combat vehicles from 1980’s Empire Strikes Back. Along with the painfully short video, the company has revealed that construction is now underway, and things seem to be moving along nicely. An accompanying blog post let it slip that attendees will be able to pilot the Millennium Falcon and battle the dreaded First Order. It sounds like Star Wars Land will be a must-visit for tourists, and will occupy around 13 acres of Disney parkland. You can read more about the construction here, and be sure to check out the teaser video below.

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