Gold Apothecary Bath Salt

Above: Gold Apothecary Bath Salt
Gold Apothecary Bath Salt

Confession number one: you‘ve been in hot water before. Caught with your pants down, in full steam and soaking up every minute.

Confession number two: the hot water you’re referring to has all been in the bathtub.

Confession number three: you want to up your rubber-ducky game. Not with bubbles. Or oils. Or those weird, smelly beads that melt into a sticky, greasy slime that takes two days to scrub off the bottom of your tub. You want something manly; something that helps your tired and overworked body feel better.

Your solution (we’d say penance if it wasn’t so good):  Salt. More specifically, Gold Apothecary Bath Salts.

Made with salt from the Dead Sea, these homemade soaks are 100 per cent natural and hand poured into each glass container. They’re also homegrown, crafted in the heart of Toronto and overflowing with feel-good/do-good benefits.

Once dispersed in hot water, the salts work to detoxify your body, easing muscle tension, reducing inflammation and eliminating aches and pains—all while simultaneously hydrating your skin. The three unique scents, Citrus Eucalyptus, Neroli Woods and Sweet Bergamot activate in the heat and release their fragrances, which then stimulate your brain neurons to improve your mood and respiratory system, relaxation, and sensual energy, respectively.

All you need to do is get into a little hot water with them…three tablespoons worth will get you started.

Gold Apothecary Bath Salts are $25, available at Toronto’s First Post Office and at Gold Apothecary online.

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