How To Eat Healthier On Your Business Trips

Quick tips for making smarter food choices on business trips (Photo: ollyy)

You might be pretty good about eating well when you’re at home, but if you travel a lot for work, it’s easy to make poor choices due to being outside of your usual surroundings.  If you are on the road often, doing a little extra legwork will help you eat wholesome foods so you won’t find your suits fitting tighter than they used to.

Pack healthy snacks

Make sure to always have an easily portable snack in your carry-on; this way you can avoid just picking up a chocolate bar or a doughnut as you make your way from one meeting to your next appointment. A snack bag of trail mix works well, but be sure to watch your portion size. If you don’t have time to pack snacks to bring with you, make a quick shopping trip to a grocery store near your hotel so you can stock up.

Research the restaurants in the city

Have a quick look through Yelp or talk to the concierge at your hotel about places to eat that serve fare that meets your needs. This doesn’t mean you can’t indulge — if you’re in Chicago and adore the deep-dish pizza, plan to include it in one of your meals.

Look at the hotel’s menus

Many hotels offter waistline-friendly menu choices and if you know you’ll be eating room service during much of your business trip, it’d be worth the effort to book a room at one that serves heart-healthy meals.

Buy your meal for your flight before heading to the airport

Airports are not known for carrying healthy food. While many are improving their offerings, you might be better off, if you have time, picking up a salad at the Whole Foods or the cute lunch spot near where you’ve been staying before grabbing a taxi to the airport.

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