Vancouver’s Best Seasonal Fall Beers

Vancouver's best seasonal fall beers

Rich, dark, and spicy, these seasonal beers you’ll want to drink by the fireplace. Or after a chilly hike. Or an afternoon of leaf jumping. Who needs patios? These pumpkin-y, spicy and sweet, fall brews are in! Welcome the season by popping a bottle. What winter doldrums?

Cannery Brewing: Maple Stout

This Penticton brewery calls their new seasonal stout, dark and handsome. How can you resist? Stout beers are steeped with deep, rich taste and history. This Canadian version of the British classic is the newest handcrafted addition to the Cannery arsenal. Expect a smooth mouth feel and slight sweetness in this dark, malty beer.

Steamworks: Pumpkin Ale

One of the most well known beers in the Vancouver craft beer scene, Steamworks’ Pumpkin Ale is well lauded. A first place winner for fruit beer in the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards, it’s got all the required tastes of a solid pumpkin ale. Think warm spices like nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and cinnamon, smooth and full bodied, and flavourful pumpkin punch. This fruit beer isn’t weak – at 6.9%, it beats most pumpkin ales in alcohol levels.

49th Parallel: Schadenfreude

Pumpkin pie lovers may want to skip dessert for this one. Touted as “a pumpkin Oktoberfest even Ichabod would love,” this caramel-ly beer has the crispness of a lager, but the baking spice flavours of a pumpkin ale. It’s rich, sweet, and nutty. Find this hidden gem in select liquor stores and on tap at the breweries tasting room. 

Phillips Brewing: Crooked(er) Tooth Barel Aged Pumpkin Ale

Halloween candy for the grown ups! This full bodied brew is flavoured with local pumpkin and carefully aged in freshly emptied whiskey barrels. The result? A slightly sweet, gently spiced brew that blends pumpkin with soft vanilla. That’s something to grin about. 

Howe Sound Brewing: Pumpkin Eater

What makes Pumpkin Eater different than other pumpkin ales? It’s a “high gravity” beer which means it’s a lot stiffer than most due to a high concentration of spices and sugar in the brewing process. At 8%, this rich and creamy beer means business. Hoppy, lightly carbonated, and nicely balanced.

Grab ’em while they last! Most craft seasonals are brewed in limited quantities. Stock up for winter while you’re at it.

By: Kait Fowlie

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