How To Have A Good Vacation With Your Girlfriend

Above: Vacationing with your girlfriend... (Photo: Maridav/Shutterstock)

Before you book your first trip with your new girlfriend, to make sure it doesn’t end up in tears, it’s best if you plan it well. After all, you might have very different expectations so it’s best to make sure you’re on the same page. Here’s how to help make sure it goes smoothly.

What type of vacation are you both craving?

If you’re burnt out and just want to kick back on a beach, but she’s keen on doing every activity and see every site, you might need to plan two vacations or come to a compromise as to how your vacation time will be spent. Join her at the spa even if getting a pedi isn’t your thing, and she can join you at the car show if you’re keen on seeing that while in town. And, of course, plan on doing a few things you both adore!

Set a budget you’re both comfortable with

She may be used to going to five-star resorts and you’re more of the backpacking type. Have a clear idea of what type of accommodations and dining you’re planning on and establish how much you want to spend as a couple on this getaway. If sharing various costs, sort out who’s covering what. You don’t want to be fighting about money when you’re supposed to be relaxing.

Plan on time apart from each other

Yes, you want to be gazing each other adoringly all day long, but some time apart will do you good. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all, right? So plan to head to the gym or spa, and she can go for a run when you’re at the swim-up bar, for example.

Don’t plan everything

While knowing each other’s expectations from this trip and having some plans is a good idea, don’t make such a rigid itinerary there is no room for spontaneity. Sometimes the best adventures come from playing things by ear or by getting lost.

Try something new together

Whether it’s eating an exotic local dish, or attempting a new sport together, the shared experience can bring you closer together. Just picture how you’ll be talking about “that time we went surfing for the first time” when you’re old and grey together—how sweet!

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