Disneyland Photo Scavenger Hunt

Above: Grab your smart phone, snap pictures and rack up the points in this Disneyland Scavenger Hunt

The Disneyland Resort in California offers you all the thrill rides, great shows, top-notch food and just plain fun you want in a vacation. You can chase the Yeti on the Matterhorn Bobsleds, grab some gumbo in New Orleans square, or race cars head-to-head in Radiator Springs, and you’ll have barely scratched the surface of all the Disneyland Resort has to offer. No wonder it’s one of the world’s most popular vacation spots.

But if you and your friends have a competitive side, you can amp up the adventure by challenging everyone to our scavenger hunt – and you’ll still have plenty of time to hit the rides and shows.

It’s more fun if you can do the hunting in teams – just give each team a copy of the list, make sure their phones are charged (this hunt is all about photos) and plan to meet afterwards at Ralph Brenna’s Jazz Kitchen or the Storyteller’s Café to share your results.

The challenges are organized in four categories, from easiest to hardest, with points awarded accordingly. To earn your points, you have to get the following photos:

Level 1: “Is that Mickey’s Castle?” – each worth 1 point

• You eating a dessert shaped like Mickey’s head
• Mickey or Minnie Mouse (bonus point if you get both together!)
• Your Jungle Cruise skipper
• Someone holding a lightsaber
• The “How to Load Your Log” sign

Level 2: “Of course I have a Fast Pass for Soarin’!” – each worth 3 points

• You eating a churro (bonus point for Churro Bites!)
• You with a Disney Princess
• A Haunted Mansion cast member (bonus point if you get him or her to smile!)
• Your sketch from Animation Academy
• Ride photos from Tower of Terror AND California Screamin’

Level 3: “You’re not a D23 Member? I’m not sure we can still be friends.” – each worth 5 points

• You eating a hand-dipped corn dog
• You with a character from Cars
• A Pirates of the Caribbean cast member
• The view from the top of Mickey’s Fun Wheel
• One of the upcoming attractions on display at Blue Sky Cellar

Level 4: “Do you know the name of Donald Duck’s sister? (It’s Della.)” – each worth 10 points

• You eating Mickey beignets
• You with Thor or Captain America
• A Matterhorn cast member
• Somebody wearing Mickey Ears
• Your score on Toy Story Midway Mania (bonus point if it is over 200,000!)

And there you go. The lowest scoring team can buy drinks all round; the prize for the winners can be Disney pins or just the glory of beating everyone else. Next time, you can throw in a few more twists (maybe they need to get a pressed penny, for example, or find a “hidden Mickey” to get points) and challenge your buddies again.

By: Teresa Pitman

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