Woman Crush Wednesday: Miranda Kerr

Above: Miranda Kerr on the red carpet in 2013

Name: Miranda May Kerr

Birthdate: April 20th, 1983

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Claim to fame: She became the first Australia model to be offered a contract with Victoria Secret when she signed with them in 2007. Later that year, she also became the first ever Australian Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Where we can find her next: She’s featured on the cover of May 2014’s British GQ where she can be seen stripped down to the nude. She also recently replaced Gisele Bundchen as the new face of the Swedish clothing brand H&M.

Best quote: “I’ve had an orgasm in the air before. Alone. And together.” – quoted from her interview in British GQ on her mile-high club status.

Why we love her: How can you not love Miranda Kerr? She’s as close to a perfect specimen of a woman as possible and she’s one of the most famous supermodels in the world. She’s like the holy grail of a woman that most guys only reach in their dreams and delusional realities. And if you managed to stumble across this month’s British GQ then you’ll know what I’m talking about. She graces the cover wearing nothing but a pair of stockings, and has a photo spread in the magazine that is one nude shot after another that will literally drop your jaw onto your toes. Miranda Kerr is our crush this week because she’s well, Miranda Kerr.

In honour of her being our crush this week, we’ve highlighted eight reasons why we love her:

She’s single now: (Her and ex-husband Orlando Bloom split recently) She says she’s not looking to fall in love anytime soon, and just wants to “play” around and have some “fun”. If that’s an open invitation then she better be prepared to host the most crowded playpen on the planet.

She’s a country girl who grew up racing motorcycles: Sorry you said what? Well, you officially got our engines started.

She can’t stop talking about sex: Some highlights from her recent interview with British GQ were when she talked about how she likes having A LOT of sex because it keeps her body toned, as well as the fact that’s not ashamed to admit she once pleasured herself in an airplane bathroom.

She may or may not be bisexual: Along with her newfound singledom comes a lot of exploring… sexual exploring. She goes on to say that, although she prefers lying on the strong chest of a man, she loves the female body and would never rule out the possibility. Now let that thought ruminate in your mind for a while.

Her ideal place to live is on a farm with a solar-powered house, with a hammock and a vegetable patch: Even the most city-spoilt men would redirect their lifestyles for a quiet rural life with Miranda Kerr. Not only is she environmentally friendly, but she also eats her greens and is low-maintenance.

She once strapped herself naked to a tree to protect Koalas: She appeared on the cover of a 2009 Rolling Stone Australia in support of a Koala Foundation Campaign, which probably did nothing but distract everybody from the real issue at hand. Miranda Kerr strapped naked to a tree > Koalas.

She practices a form of Buddhism called Nichiren Buddhism: She also apparently meditates, chants, and does Yoga everyday. It’s impossible not to love a girl who’s dedicated to her spirituality routine.

She’s also a writer and entrepreneur: Although her books aren’t really much more than her attempt to leverage her fame to give self-helpy advice to young women, you have to give the girl credit for actually writing two books. She also launched a brand of skincare products called Kora Organics.

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