Woman Crush Wednesday: Emily Ratajkowski

Above: Emily Ratajkowski

Name: Emily Ratajkowski

Birthdate: June 7, 1991

Birthplace: Westminster, London, England

Claim to fame: She became famous after appearing topless and scantily clad in Robin Thicke’s viral smash hit video for “Blurred Lines”, which also became the chart-topping hit of 2013. 

What we can see her in next: She appears in her first leading role this summer opposite Zac Efron in the movie We Are Your Friends, which hits theatres nationwide on August 28.

Interesting facts:

– She was born in London but she grew up in San Diego, California after her family moved there when she was five.

– She studied art at UCLA for a year after dropping out to pursue modeling full-time.

– Her mother is a proud feminist and did not have any issues with her daughter appearing how she did in the “Blurred Lines” video, even though the video was widely criticized to be sexist.

Best quotes: “I’m more of a Smithwick’s or Bulmer’s girl than a pint of Guiness.”

“I grew up eating street tacos and burritos on the beach, so I like people who can eat and aren’t afraid to show it.”

“Nudity isn’t something people should take offense to.”

“I want to be a model that breaks down the traditional body boundaries. You don’t have to be 5’9” and an A-Cup to be a successful model, and that’s nice.” — on her body defying typical model conventions in the absolute best way possible. 

Why we love her: I remember when the Entourage movie came out last month and the name Emily Ratajkowski kept getting brought up, like, “Oh Emily Ratajkowski is so hot!” or “Did you hear Emily Ratajkowski is in the Entourage movie?” and I kept saying back in response, “Who is Emily Ratajkowski?”

Now that seems like a completely moronic response as I was quickly reminded that she was the infamous topless girl from Robin Thicke’s viral video “Blurred Lines”, the girl who almost broke the Internet as fast with her breasts as Kim Kardashian did with her ass, meanwhile launching herself into sex symbol stardom.

So how did this all happen so fast?

Well, Robin Thicke discovered her after he saw her on the cover of the March 2013 third issue of the Los Angeles-based artistic erotica magazine Treats! Ratajkowski appeared on the cover in a black and white photograph, nude with her legs hugging into her chest — Thicke new immediately that she was the perfect girl for his upcoming video. But Ratakowski had already appeared in Taio Cruz’s video for “Fast Car” and Maroon 5’s video for “Love Somebody” right prior to getting the offer for “Blurred Lines”, so she wasn’t a complete unknown at the time of her casting.

She credits that cover photo on Treats! magazine as the number one proponent to helping her land those three big music videos that ultimately catapulted her career.

From there, she started appearing in all the top magazine publications such as GQ and Sports Illustrated. She was even named “Woman of the Year” by Esquire magazine in 2013, which I think they really meant to say “Hottest Woman of the Year”.

And now her most recent run into the world of Hollywood, as she’s started booking acting jobs as well. She appeared as Ben Affleck’s mistress in Gone Girl, then obviously as herself in this summer’s Entourage movie, and now her first leading role in We Are Your Friends, opposite Zac Efron.

Emily Ratajkowski became famous for having her top off, but now she’s becoming famous for having her top on. Either way, it doesn’t matter, every guy is watching.

We Are Your Friends opens in theatres nationwide on August 28.

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