5 Foods For Better Sex

You’re always in the mood. But what if tweaking your diet and the foods you eat could help trigger more sexy play time with your partner? Intrigued? We thought so. Add these to your grocery list to help keep those home fires burning strong.


Grill some on the BBQ or roast some of this oily fish in the oven. Salmon is rich in omega-3s, an essential fatty acid, which helps promote blood flow—from head to toe (so yes, to your private parts, too). It’s been shown to be key in helping with erectile dysfunction (makes sense that anything that promotes better circulation would help in erectile response). Tired of salmon? Try other oily fish, such as herring and mackerel, too, as they also boast omega-3s.


While you’re picking up some salmon as the fish market, pick up some shellfish, too (think: clams, scallops, lobster and yes, oysters). They all boast nutrients and minerals that help feed sexual drive. Oysters are well known as aphrodisiacs; they contain zinc (and a low zinc level is linked to impotence). Zinc is also key for testosterone production for both sexes, so treat you and your lady to an evening of oysters for dinner.

Chili peppers

Here where your love for spicy foods can help spice things up in the bedroom. Chili peppers will get your heart racing and increase your pulse while also making you hot and sweaty—sounds pretty similar to when things are getting hot and heavy with your partner. They also help trigger the release of feel-good endorphins.


This sweet nectar of the gods is rich in B vitamins, which the body needs for testosterone production. Perhaps suggest to your honey a little foreplay à la 9 ½ Weeks with some of this sticky sugary treat?


Yes, it’s got a soft, sensual shape and silky texture, and this fruit can help turn you on thanks to these very features. In fact, back in the Aztec years, avocado trees were referred to as testicle trees due to how avocados hand in pairs. Make some into guacamole with some chili peppers (see above) and you’ve got a double dose of aphrodisiacs.

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