5 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Above: How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you (Photo: StockLite/Shutterstock)

When you started dating, everything just seemed so right. She just got you, laughed at your jokes and you couldn’t get enough of each other. But, lately, you’ve had an uneasy feeling that maybe she’s seeing someone else. It’s just a gut feeling and you have no proof—but here are some of the signs she nay be cheating on you.

She on her phone—a lot

Sure, she’s usually on it a fair bit checking emails and checking Twitter and Instagram. But is she on it more often or at different times than she used to be (perhaps there are more late-night texts?)? And is her body language different—maybe she hides her screen discreetly or the smile on her face when on her phone is different than the one you’re used to when she gets a funny message from her bestie.

She’s paying more attention to her appearance

If, on a regular basis, she seems to be getting prettied up and is wearing new sexier clothes, different lipstick, and taking more time to do her hair, she could be getting dolled up for her new crush. This will be harder to take note of if your girl normally invests time in her appearance, but look for flirtier looks when it comes to her clothing and makeup.

You’re having sex less often

Now life does have a way of getting in the way of an active sex life and changes in how often you have sex can fluctuate. But for the most part, you know you’re usually having sex a few times a week or whatever the frequency is when life is humming along normally. So when there seems to be no other obvious factors playing a role and it seems like she’s less interested and trying to avoid having sex? Sorry, but it might very well be a sign she’s stepping out on you.

She’s really concerned about your schedule

If she’s much more interested lately in what you’ll be doing after work, or texting you to find out your ETA, could be she’s looking to keep tabs on where you are so she doesn’t get caught out with her new love interest. She could only be wanting to know when your next business trip is so she can plan her schedule accordingly (maybe see that chick flick with her girlfriends)…or she could be planning a romantic getaway for those same dates.

She’s picking fights with you

Have you been wondering when you usually easygoing, laidback girlfriend went because she’s been replaced by someone who’s always picking fights over really minor things and nothing you do is right? Her new beau may be causing her to see your “faults” and in her eyes they’re all magnified since everything is rosy with the new guy.

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