Temper Tactics

Above: Anger management issues? (Photo: kpatyhka/Shutterstock)

If you often feel like you’re going to explode (or do indeed fly into a rage), then it’s high time to get your anger under control. Besides helping to salvage your relationships with loved ones and coworkers, it’ll help you reduce your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, depression and headaches. Some simple strategies to help you maintain a level head and not lash out in anger.

Mentally hit the pause button

If someone cuts you off on the road, or a colleague makes a comment that pushes your buttons, force yourself to mentally hit the pause button before going with your gut reaction of wanting to throttle that person or to shout a string of expletives. Pausing will force you to not react in the moment and will give you time to consider a more appropriate reaction to the scenario at hand.

Take deep breaths

The act of deep breaths going in and out of your lungs will help you calm those angry nerves and clear your head. It might help to count the number of breaths you’re taking so that you can focus solely on your breathing rather than whatever triggered your anger.

Get physical in a healthy way

If you’ve had a rough day and feel a lot of pent-up anger, including workouts can help you release some of that. For some, it may be a high-intensity workout such as boxing or running that’ll help you most, whereas some might find the contemplative and restorative nature of a practice such as yoga to be more beneficial for them.


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