5 Terrible First Date Ideas To Avoid

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5 Terrible First Date Ideas To Avoid

Dating isn’t like it used to be. So many people meet online these days that a first date usually consists of a half hour coffee meet up or a vague last minute hang out that may or may not be an actual date depending on who you ask. After all, why waste energy coming up with a good first date if you don’t even know if you’re interested in the person? While that may be true for a lot of cases, sometimes you meet someone who is different. Someone who is a lot more promising than anyone else has been in a long time. That’s when it’s worth going the extra mile. The girl you’re into has been on plenty of yawn-induced coffee dates too so if you want to stand out, show her that you think she deserves better than these terrible first dates ideas.

The gym
Unless you’re both professional fitness models who actually like to work out, exercising together on a first date just doesn’t seem like a lot of fun. Do you really want a girl you just met to watch you struggle and grunt your way through a particularly difficult final squat set? You’ll lose even more points if you ask her to film a boomerang of your flexed biceps to post to Instagram later. It’s not that getting some exercise on a first date is bad—just try to make it the fun, interactive kind of exercise. You know, something normal like bowling, going for a hike, or ice skating. Pump iron in your own time.

A fast food restaurant
Look, we get it, dating can be expensive. But taking her to McDonald’s to order off the value menu isn’t going to get you anywhere with most girls. Even if you don’t mean it that way, it’s going to give the impression you think all she’s worth is a junior chicken and small fry. If you’re on a budget, be strategic about it. Hit up happy hour for half-priced cocktails and apps. It’s more creative and actually sends the message you know how to have a good time while simultaneously watching your money. If she’s the type of girl who expects to be wined and dined, she might not be good for you—or your wallet—anyway.

Your favourite local watering hole
A first date should involve one-on-one time to get to know each other and figure out if you’re interested in seeing each other again. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a date to your favourite bar, if it’s a hole in the wall around the corner from your apartment where you’ve been getting wasted on the weekly for the last five years, it might not be the best idea. Your date doesn’t want to meet your drinking buddies this early on—and you should probably consider all the less-than-flattering stories they’ll have about you, like the time you passed out hugging a toilet after one Irish car bomb too many.

A wedding
A nice dinner, an open bar, dancing—everyone likes going to a wedding, right? Well, not really. Weddings also involve a lot of waiting around, small talk with people you only vaguely recognize and listening to speeches full of inside jokes you probably won’t get. A girl you just met probably doesn’t want to meet your family and have to field questions like “how did you two meet?”, “how long have you been together?”. Also, it’s in bad taste to bring a date you barely know to a five course dinner your cousin is paying for. Think about it.

A busy dance club
Having a conversation is probably one of the most important parts of a first date. Without the getting to know you questions, how are you supposed to know if you’re compatible? Sure, physical attraction is important too, but that’s not what’s going to lead to an actual relationship. A dance club is going to be a loud and crowded—not exactly the right environment for a memorable conversation. Not to mention the place will be crawling with other guys that could swoop in and distract her from the guy she’s actually on a date with—you.

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