5 Ways To Know If Your Girlfriend Is Mad At You

Your girlfriend could be mad at you and you might not even know it. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)
Your girlfriend could be mad at you and you might not even know it. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Unless girls come right out and say it, some guys will have no idea that they’ve really messed up. And the longer it takes for you to figure it out, the more pissed she will get. Once you’re able to pick up the subtle ‘you’ve done something wrong’ hints, it will be smooth sailing.

She gives you the silent treatment

Most women are communicators. They like to express how they feel and why they feel it. So when she starts giving you the silent treatment, that’s the first telltale sign you’ve pushed it too far. Let’s be honest, she’s probably fuming on the inside. If you just finished having a big argument, let things cool down for a bit (but don’t wait too long!) Then slowly try to get her talking again.

She stops being affectionate

You can tell a lot by looking at someone’s body language. If your lady is generally affectionate and suddenly starts avoiding you like the plague, you’re in trouble. Again, the secret here is to talk it out. Once you’ve figured out what’s been bothering her and how to deal with it, she’ll be back in your arms in no time.

She walks away

If you’re in the middle of an argument and she walks away, that means you’ve really pissed her off! In the land of the ladies, walking away is a desperate cry for you to “come and follow me!” Whether she wants you to or not, go and follow her… ASAP! It lets her know that despite everything, you care and want to work things out. Let her walk away and you’re pretty much done.

When she says “I’m not mad” or “I’m fine”

These are the last two things any guy wants to hear. When she says “I’m not mad” or “I’m fine,” she probably feels the complete opposite. Chances are your lady feels frustrated and helpless because there is a problem that hasn’t been solved yet. That’s why it’s incredibly important to (again) talk out any issues you two have. The last thing she wants to feel is “fine” about her relationship.

Short text messages

So maybe you didn’t have a huge argument. Maybe you said something the wrong way or unintentionally hurt her feelings. If her texts are suddenly really short or she keeps on giving you one word replies, then something is clearly up. Call her up and ask her how she’s doing and apologize for any misunderstanding. She’ll secretly love you for picking up on her unusual behaviour.

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