How To Propose To Your Girlfriend

How To Propose (Photo: Cheryl E. Davis/Shutterstock)

You’ve made the decision to propose to your partner and now you have to figure out the best way to do it. It’s a special moment you two will cherish for the rest of your lives (assuming she says yes!) so put some careful thought into how to go about it. There are some key things to consider that you can use for inspiration when crafting your proposal?

What’s your girlfriend’s personality?

If she’s the type who loves being the centre of attention, then you might want to pop the question in public or with her friend and family present. If you do it over the big screen at a sports game, thousands of eyes will be on you two, or if you do it at a family dinner, those that love you two get to witness this special moment (and can be enlisted to capture the proposal on camera or video). On the other hand, if she’s a highly private person, simply asking for her to marry you when you two are alone is what she will love most.

Do you have a shared passion you can incorporate into your proposal?

Maybe you two are ardent foodies so you could look at including the ring in or with a delicious meal you’ve prepared, for example. Or if your common love of travel is when you are both happiest, consider proposing while on your next epic trip.

Has she ever talked about a proposal she felt was absolutely perfect?

Take a cue from the movie proposals she can’t get enough of. Does her heart melt whenever she sees Colin Firth’s character propose in Love, Actually? Or is she a huge Sex and the City fan and Big’s proposal to Carrie is the dreamiest thing she’s ever seen? Then you might want to do your best to recreate it to a T.

Is there a special place you two shared a moment?

Yes, this can be obvious — the restaurant where you had your first date, for example, but you might want to try a place that hold special meaning in a smaller, more intimate way. Do you remember where you first told her you loved her? It can even be a moment she isn’t aware of–for example, say, a small act of kindness of hers that you witnessed and at that time, it become rystal clear in your mind that she was the one–propose in that same spot, whether that’s at a concert venue or coffee shop.

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