Rihanna Slithers On British GQ’s 25th Anniversary Cover

Rihanna on British GQ's 25th anniversary cover
Rihanna on British GQ's 25th anniversary cover

If you want to turn heads on newsstands, just leave it to RiRi and a couple snakes. Rihanna has stripped down once again, this time for British GQ‘s 25th Anniversary issue. 

Looks like the Bajan beauty had no problems channeling her inner Medusa for the racy cover. The songstress dons a stone cold glare with some rather scary looking contacts as snakes slither around her head as a crown. She finishes it off by wrapping a boa constrictor around her neck (pretty badass, I might add). In other pictures, the star appears with her slithering friend wrapped around her head or sliding down her back (still naked, of course). The shoot was photographed by Mariano Vivanco and directed by highly sought-after art director Damien Hirst.

All this comes after Rihanna stirred controversy on Instagram. Last week she was kicked out of a mosque in Abu Dhabi for staging a disrespectful photoshoot and just a few days later she twerked for the cameras in a tiny bikini in Greece. We can’t say we’re surprised…

The special edition of British GQ will be on newsstands October 31st. 


Tanya Cruz

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