The First Date Questionnaire

First dates are like job interviews (Photo: gpointstudio/Shutterstock)

Of course you’ve taken a quiz. Perhaps a past curiosity helped you fill in the boxes of your sister’s teen magazine. At the very least you played MASH during adolescence. There in the back of a bus bound for the big city you learned you’d live in a mansion with Cindy Crawford… oh the possibilities! They still abound. In adulthood a man can find just as much mystery as he did whilst a youth. The quizzes are different however, and the questions have grown more difficult.

The First Date Questionnaire:

By the time your hormones kick in, take over and settle down, the first date has been well established. You’ve crushed on girls, cuddled up to them, and even moved on top and along a few. It’s gotten serious… with some, but if you’re still looking you’re still single. And this is where those new age quizzes come in. They regard first dates, and they happen in your mind.

Before a first date you will question yourself, the girl, and whatever lies between. Some of these internal debates are more neurotic than others, some are more depressing. Despite the difference in tone the questioning occurs. Typically it begins with self:

Why am I doing this? Who am I really? What do I have to offer?

Western ethics demands that you doubt yourself. Doubt your strengths, doubt your merits, doubt who you’ve become. Nevertheless it is important to overcome such insecurities, they’re not going to do you any favors, nor will they win over your potential mate. Once she enters the stage the questions regarding her will take precedence:

Who is she? Is she worth it? Is she worth my money, time and self-esteem?

It’s crazy to think about this early on, so save those thoughts for later. If you’ve already seen her and settled into the night than let the questions fly out loud. Ask her the basics and then about her answers that intrigue you. Let her do the same in turn. It’s nice to make conversation. However, if you haven’t seen her yet, and you’re waiting abuzz with wonder, the philosophical questions will come into play:

What is love? What’s with all these first dates? When will I be on my last?

Then she walks into that dim lit restaurant and smiles, you do as well, but just before you dip your head in embarrassment. Who is this girl? Where did she come from? Don’t worry you’ll soon get to ask her. You’ll appreciate her answers, and you’ll keep the questions coming. Perhaps she will interest you for a lifetime. No matter what just remember that the questions asked on a first date are there to see if you’re willing and able to get to the next one.

Again, don’t worry, she may seem shy but she’s got questions also. Therefore have confidence and don’t question why not to.

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