The Trouble With Texting

The trouble with texting  (Photo: Kostenko Maxim/Shutterstock)

We’ve all heard old men grumble that we lost our way when we gave women the vote. It’s a good gag that always gets a half-hearted laugh, and at the very least contains a half-truth. Men have grown weak in the west. We’re a tad too sensitive at times. An obvious social example of this regards our non-cellular responses to texts messages, or one’s human reaction.

It becomes evident that girls go gaga over the notes boys leave them from a very young age. In the expressly heterosexual side of culture deciphering the cryptic code of love letters has been the role of wanting young females for quite some time now. Whenever a young boy fancies himself as a Romeo he’ll write down the first poetic words that come to mind. Perhaps he’ll think them over; perhaps he’ll give them to his Juliet. And she’ll read them. If they’re good she’ll swoon and offer up some samples to her friends. It’s an oft repeated story, and a good one. Unfortunately good stories are hard to come by these days.

These days we are forced to suffer through the uncertainty individuals feel over receiving or not receiving text messages. This is not a jab at the technology, nor a swing at the syntax people employ. Both are fine and good, examples of social progress. Unfortunately not every aspect of the equation is as advanced. In other words, that human reaction which was mentioned earlier is considerably more juvenile.

What does it mean? Whenever dudes say this it’s like nails on a chalkboard, (and unfortunately we’re all guilty of uttering those words every now and again). What does she mean when she is saying this or that? To be blunt, why does it matter? Why are you conversing with your friends or family about pixels on a screen? If it’s not poetic or practical don’t waste your time discerning whether or not the message contains layers. There’s no need to be Sherlock Holmes. It’s unlikely she’s revealing any of Victoria’s Secrets.

Men are spending far too much time questioning a female’s motives. Chill out, if she’s no good for you be grateful you know it. If her text messages are as scandalous as you’ve assumed then take some initiative and toss her to the curb. If not, quit tripping. Its better you send the woman you love positive vibes than it is questioning ones. Its better you rid yourself of any soothsayers who cast spells and cause chaos. However, if she is just having a moment of doubt, if she’s a good girl just venting about her bad day… let her vent. Good girls always deserve their space to be themselves, and as long as this benefit is granted in turn everything should be considered copacetic.

Grow up! Put your phone down and treasure the time you’ve been afforded to spend with every Bjork, Blondie and Bad Girl Ri-Ri in your life.

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