The Word Bitch

Words, they’re power is certain. Law, politics, religion and science share in this power. Though merely mortal creations they have an immortal importance, a god like hold on our collective conscious. Words are the divine element that permeates every one of the aforementioned constructs. Words provide them with structure. And make some systems more powerful than others, all in accordance to the way in which words are employed. Like all manner of employees some are more productive, and others more provocative.

Many provocative words could be posited at this point, but with regards to the title we’re here to talk about “Bitch.” In its essence it refers to a female dog in heat; a beast drunk off its hormones. Utilizing this interpretation of the word as a slap has gone on since Greece was great. For thousands of years we’ve belittled babes by calling them bitches, we’ve done the same to boys and brutes as well. For thousands of years this derogatory term has own grown in its popularity.

It’s grown in its power too. Despite the efforts of feminists in the sixties the word bitch is still seen as a pejorative term by most. Like a grenade it can scar with its social shrapnel whenever tossed into an emotional situation. No one likes to be called it or associated with the idea. To be a bitch is believed to be damning, a judgment marking an individual as demonic in their attitude or approach. According to this interpretation the word transcends the idea of being a canine with a salacious appetite, and borders on being a religious ploy. It could be considered a political one as well.

For the bold that fortune favor being a bitch is a power play. It’s proof that they are tougher than the competition, daring enough to say what others are too afraid to. Like the word bitch for example, it like other offensive terms are viewed like “Voldemort,” words the fearful cannot say. But bitches aren’t evil wizards hell-bent on killing babies. No, they like the word just happen to not play nice once and awhile.

So what does it mean? How do you use it? Should you even say it?

It means many things, this has quickly become evident. So be conscious of the crowd you are using it in. This is not to say don’t use it, do. We can’t let the thought police decide what can and can’t be said. Nevertheless one runs a risk whenever using a testy term like bitch. Be aware of that. Your tongue has a power and its best to wield it well. Because there are bitches out there that won’t understand, and bitches out there badder than you. Some can take it, some can’t, some can make your life a living hell, and others bring heaven’s bliss. In the end it’s just a word that comes from a thought, and so the best advice to give is for you to be constructive and courageous with yours.

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