New Sex Toy Moodsign Aims to Take the Guess Work out of Getting Some

Above: The Moodsign, from MoodFlag
Above: The Moodsign, from MoodFlag

Roland Barthes described plastic as the everyday mercury, the alchemical substance. Sly, only half there, existing on lingo and the idea of form. The Moodsign, a new sex toy from MoodFlag LLC, is a small, plastic rectangle with curved edges and two light-up arms that come out from its sides, almost like a doll. Smexy.

Those light-up arms come out erect, and in a variety of colours. One arm for each partner, and a different coloured light to assign to different sexual acts. The idea is to take the trouble of suggestion out of sex: just put up the arm, leave it out by the bed. Or in the kitchen. Pick a colour for what you’re into tonight. You can also hit the button on the back to randomize the colour, and the fun.

Whatever to sex toys, sure, but it does come with some frightening statistics. 40 million people (who knows where) say they live in a sexless marriage. If that’s just bad communication, then Moodsign to the rescue. Apparently 25% of American men admit to cheating, 15% of American women. Moodsign wants to keep your sex life fresh, engaging.

You can also get the Moodsign cards, colour coded to the lights on the original apparatus. The idea here, though the packaging is vague about it, is to randomize a colour on the Moodsgin, then pick a card, every one tailored to a different erotic fantasy. It’s getting warm in here.

The Moodsign comes in a little black box, like the iPod classic’s nympho cousin, for $29.99. The cards, separate, are $14.99, or $39.99 together. Together. Requires 3 triple A’s.


Zach Buck

Zach Buck is a writer and editor currently living in South Korea. He serves as the official editor of Spatial Studies magazine HEADREST. In 2016 he released experimental digital archive game house.xct_ with Other Families, and it can be read about on

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