Tinder: A Match Made In One Swipe?

Can you find love on Tinder?

Have you ever heard the old adage looking for love in all the wrong places? Maybe you have just recently caught wind of Tinder, a new dating app and have decided to give it a go. After all, your best friend met his bride online; proof that true love does exist somewhere on cyber space. Perhaps you should give it a try? Right…

What is Tinder?

Tinder, launched in 2012, is the latest dating app created to facilitate matches between men and women within their current vicinity. The app allows users to connect via Facebook where they can use existing profile pics and info, alleviating the tedium of creating a profile.  

With one swipe to the left you can anonymously decline a suggested recommendation or with one swipe to the right you can swipe your way to a “Tinder Match” (BTW: A tinder is a combustible material used to ignite fires). The caveat being that the other person swiped in the same direction as you. Once matched you can send a message.

But, before you swipe there might be a few things to consider:

1. Avoid sending pictures of your junk as an intro. You won’t score any points and remember it’s not hard to match the region to the face when you’re connected through Facebook. 

2. Consider asking her out to meet face to face. It’s the only way to know if she looks as good in her glamour shot as you do in yours.

3. Don’t bother continuously messaging a girl who has declined your date offer… she’s just not that into you! Hold your head up high because there are more ladies for you to swipe in the Tinder sea.

4. Don’t bother with any of your ex-girlfriend’s friends or family. They already know your deep dark secrets. Besides, just like her, they probably don’t like you.

5. If you are just looking for a casual dalliance try your best to be a gentleman. It is amazing how far you will go if you don’t act like a modern day version of Al Bundy.


Tinder is a great way to boost your self-esteem. Who doesn’t like the idea that in city full of lonely souls there is someone out there who fancies them?


You probably won’t hear about long lasting relationships that resulted from a Tinder connection. Shallow introductions lead to shallow encounters, which tend to end as quickly as they started.

So, can you find love on Tinder?

The verdict is still out on Tinder since it’s fairly new. Although, it’s safe to say you have a better chance of meeting someone at the grocery store. Aisle 5 is always a nice start.

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