5 Sexual Health Boosters

5 Sexual Health Boosters (Photo: Shutterstock/Guryanov Andrey)

Looking for ways to improve your libido? Before you head to the sex shop, look to your lifestyle for ways you can boost your sexual health. Bonus: They’ll boost your overall health and wellbeing, not just your sex life.

Get rid of your beer gut

Belly fat breaks down testosterone more quickly than other types of fat. So lose the belly fat, and you’ll break down testosterone at a slower rate — which could translate to being more in the mood for sex, and even improved fertility.

Do strength training

To develop your muscles, your body needs testosterone. So if you work on building more muscle mass, you have more testosterone and greater sex drive. How’s that for motivation to hit the gym?

Quit smoking

Besides being horrible for your lungs, smoking constricts your blood vessels. Constricted blood vessels means there’s less blood flow to your penis. And, well, that translates into it being harder to getting and maintaining an erection. Think of this the next time you want to light up.

Limit your alcohol consumption

Must like smoking, drinking alcohol limits blood flow and thus leads to erectile issues, too. Put down the glass and you could see your sex life improve.

Get your heart pumping

Not only will it help you get rid of your beer gut (see above), cardio will help improve your stamina and performance between the sheets. You’ll get your blood pumping and you’ll feel better and more self-confident, which’ll only help you be more bold in the bedroom.

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