Woman Crush Wednesday: Alice Eve

Name: Alice Eve

Birthdate: February 6, 1982

Birthplace: London, England

Claim to fame: Eve first came to popular attention when she starred in the 2010 comedy She’s Out Of My League, as well as her reoccurring role as Vinny Chase’s love interest in Season 8 of HBO’s Entourage in 2011.  

What we can see her in next: She next stars opposite Chris Evans in his directorial debut in the indie romance film, Before We Go, which arrives in limited theatres on August 21.

Interesting fact: She has heterochromia — her right eye is green and her left blue.                                             

Best quote: “My dad says that when I was two or three I used to go out dressed as a different character every day. I remember thinking it was perfectly normal to wear different coloured shoes and carry a pink umbrella. But now I’ve got a goddaughter of that age; I realize it’s not normal at all.” — On how she used to get into character as a little girl.

Why we love her: The first time I ever saw Alice Eve was in the 2010 comedy She’s Out Of My League. She played Jay Baruchel’s “way out of his league” love interest (shocker). She was the proverbial “dream girl”, the type who looked like the perfect 10 but then had no perception of how attractive she really was. You know the type of girl that basically never exists in real life? But she existed for the two hours that this movie existed, and boy was it amazing.

Well, she seemed to make an impact with casting directors too, as she’s been showing up all over the place since then. Most notably guys might remember her from the final season of HBO’s Entourage, where she played the intellectually pretentious journalist who was supposed to interview Vinny Chase for a story. Vinny then became obsessed with her as she didn’t eat the charm right out of his hand, like all the other faceless models who’d been used to seducing in the past. This led to them falling for one another and an impending shotgun wedding that concluded the series finale, all the way to beginning of the Entourage movie this summer that kicked off with their shotgun wedding turned into an immediate annulment.

Well, that’s the long story for who Alice Eve is.

She’s an equally talented and beautiful British actress who seems to be in the zone and is coming up in the movie world. On top of She’s Out Of My League and Entourage, she appeared in Sex and the City 2 in 2010, Men in Black 3 in 2012, and Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013.

Now, her most recent film sees her acting opposite Chris Evans in his directorial debut film titled Before We Go, an indie-romance film that has a limited theatre release on August 21.

Alice Eve, the British beauty that tamed then spat out our fictional idol, Vinny Chase. Which just shows this girl has stones and then some. 

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