Woman Crush Wednesday: Dylan Penn

Above: Dylan Penn on the red carpet

Name: Dylan Frances Penn

Birthdate: April 13, 1991

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Claim to fame: She’s the stunning daughter of famous actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright who briefly dated Robert Pattinson in 2013. Do I need to say anything more?

Interesting fact: She was reportedly offered $150,000 to pose on the cover of Playboy but turned it down. Isn’t that classy? But I guess it’s not like she desperately needed the money or anything.

Why we love her: Our WCW this week is Dylan Penn, the knockout gorgeous daughter of actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright. This beauty started making headlines the day she was born. No not actually, but you can see how that could be true. She comes from real, bona-fide Hollywood pedigree and is a spitting image of her mother — thank god not her father! She recently hit the Hollywood map, thanks in large part to a fling with Robert Pattinson and her near perfect face and body.

Yup it’s true. Even though she has famous parents and could have been another celebrity-kid trainwreck, Penn avoided the spotlight until 2013 when she briefly dated the Twilight alum. Ever since she has been a photographer favourite — signing some pretty big modeling contracts as well. Her first billboard ads were for Gap in 2013, and then she appeared in a GQ spread in December 2013, then W in January 2014, followed by Elle in March 2014. She also reportedly declined a big offer from Playboy to pose on the cover. Quite the run after dating some famous dude, isn’t it? She definitely doesn’t owe any of her newfound success to Pattinson, as you take one look at her and understand perfectly why everybody is talking about her. She’s just that good looking, and with a family of Hollywood royalty to boot.

It gets even better — Dylan Penn is much more than just another model, she supposedly only models in the meantime to earn a paycheck while she funds her real dream to work behind-the-scenes as a screenwriter and film director. Which is surprising considering her parents built huge careers in front of the camera. But that just speaks volumes that Penn is actually a girl of substance and is going to put her famous family lineage to good use, instead of becoming another slacking fame-whore who is just going to get pulled along by their parent’s coattails. She also has been testing the acting waters (can you blame her?), shooting a horror movie last year, where she played a gang member living in a rundown building.

If you haven’t heard about Dylan Penn, or seen her photograph, I would suggest you get online immediately and check her out — you’re missing out. She’s that hot daughter of Sean Penn who is definitely going to be penning her own name for herself before long. 

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