10 Movie Roles That Almost Went To Someone Else

A movie is just as good as the actors starring in them. Special effects and script also play a huge part in making any blockbuster, but casting the main role can mean the difference between box office gold, or bust. We looked back at some of the most iconic movie roles that almost went to someone else. Now whether that actor would have been better or worse for the role is something you can decide. 

Twilight (2008)

Who would have thought that Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the character of Bella Swan for the Twilight Saga some years ago. Instead the role was given to the ever so emotionless Kristen Stewart. Who knows, if Lawrence was given the role Twilight probably would have had a shot at being a descent movie series. We’re just happy JLaw has moved on to bigger and better things (Ahem, Katniss Everdeen).

Pirates of the Carribean (2003)

Can you imagine the famous Captain Jack Sparrow played by anyone other than Johnny Depp? Yeah, neither can we. But story goes, the role was first offered to Jim Carrey who turned down the role because he was filming his movie Bruce Almighty at the time. Call it fate, but we’re glad Depp got the role. His wit and eccentricity has made Jack Sparrow one of the most legendary movie characters of all time.

Pretty Woman (1990)

Call it the battle of the redheads if you will. But Julia Roberts wasn’t the original pick to star in Pretty Woman. It was Molly Ringwald who was supposed to don those hooker heels and fall in love with Richard Lewis. The Pretty in Pink star was the queen of every teen movie in the 80s, so it’s no surprise that producers wanted Ringwald to star in this 90s flick. She turned down the role which was later given to Julia Roberts. Her portrayal as the hooker with heart and girl-next-door personality landed Roberts a Golden Globe for best actress in 1991.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Way before his he was Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp was one of many actors considered to play the lovable slacker teenager Ferris Bueller. However Depp was unable to do the part due to scheduling conflicts. The part ultimately went to Matthew Brodrick who shot to fame with the role. Cheers to the movie that gave us epic but unrealistic expectations of what skipping school is like.

Back to the Future (1985)

The role that launched Michael J. Fox’s career almost didn’t happen. So much so, that they started filming the movie with a completely different actor. Although Fox was always the first choice to play Marty McFly, scheduling conflicts with his show Family Ties made it hard for him to take on other projects. So the part was cast to Eric Stoltz. Scenes were actually filmed with Stoltz until producers felt he wasn’t a good fit for the movie. Eventually, things worked out and Fox was able to play the role as originally planned.

Casino Royale (2006)

Imagine Hugh Jackman as the sleek and suave James Bond. It’s probably not too hard to picture. Before Daniel Craig was considered for the part, Jackman was offered the role but turned it down. In an interview he said he didn’t want to play two iconic characters like Wolverine and James Bond at the same time. Not like Jackman needs the role but he sure fit the bill.

Forrest Gump (1994)

You know what they say, life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Tom Hanks probably wouldn’t have guessed that his role in the heartfelt Forrest Gump would forever cement him as one of Hollywood’s best actors. However Hanks wasn’t the first in mind to play Forrest. John Travolta was the first pick for the role but turned it down. Years later Travolta admitted turning down the role was a mistake.

Iron Man (2008)

Only one man can play the witty and sarcastic badass Tony Stark of Iron Man, and that’s Robert Downey Jr. However it was rumoured the part was supposed to go to Tom Cruise who was also going to co-produce the film. However reports say Cruise dropped out because he lost interest in the script. Luckily, a genius cast Downey Jr. instead and the rest is history.

Titanic (1997)

You can’t touch Titanic, you just can’t. Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicarprio’s chemistry is impeccable. But imagine Gwenyth Paltrow playing the character of Rose Dewitt Bukater instead. Paltrow was a close runner up for the role and was eager to play the part, however when producers found Winslet, there was no competition.  

 Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

This one is meant for the history books. Not only would this movie have been completely different if they kept their original cast, the Jolie-Pitts probably wouldn’t exist (gasp!). Originally Nicole Kidman was signed up to play Mrs. Smith but pulled out. Once Brad Pitt was signed on, producers hoped Kidman would jump back on board again but she didn’t.  But with a stroke of luck, producers signed on Angelina Jolie instead. That’s one version of the story…

In a more scandalous version, Pitt reportedly never wanted Kidman to star in the movie because he always had his sights on Jolie. He allegedly became so insistent, that he threatened to pull out from the movie if they didn’t get her. True or not, we all know how the story ends.

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