Disney Drops Full-Length Trailer for ‘The Lion King’

Above: A CGI Simba looks onto his pride.

After months of anticipation, we’re finally getting a closer look at one of the year’s biggest films. Earlier today, Disney broke the internet by uploading a full-length trailer for the upcoming Lion King reboot… and it’s already getting us right in the feels. The live-action adventure, which is due out later this summer, takes a realistic yet magical approach to the classic 1994 movie of the same.

Much like its original inspiration, this upcoming remake will tell the story of a young lion named Simba, who has to battle against his wicked uncle Scar before he takes over the throne… and the entire animal kingdom with it. It’s no exaggeration to say that the latest retelling will have some very big shoes to fill — the 1994 flick remains one of the most beloved children’s tales of all time, and was an instant hit both critically and financially.

Thankfully, it looks like Disney is well aware of the mighty task at-hand. This summer’s version will come armed with some serious star power including Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, James Earl Jones, John Oliver, and even Beyonce. Directing duties will go to Jon Favreau, who was responsible for another Disney live-action, 2016’s The Jungle Book.

The Lion King will hit theatres on July 19, and to prepare yourself for the nostalgia trip, you can watch the full-length trailer below via YouTube.

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