Google’s 2013 Top Ten

Google's Zeitgeist 2013
Google's Zeitgeist 2013

Every year since 2000 Google has made a list of its top ten searches in the U.S., part of their Zeitgeist collection. Every year breaking news searches dominate the list. In 2013, deaths, births, and new dance moves are among the top keywords typed into the Google bar. How many can you guess? A list below.

At numero uno, Paul Walker. Walker’s shocking death on November 30th at the age of 40 left many in the lurch. Searching for answers, they turned to the all knowing Google. In close second, the catastrophic Boston Marathon bombing, and below that, the death of South African president and peace leader Nelson Mandela.

But with these tragedies, the list also boasts some moments of brightness. Some nameless “Royal Baby” made it in, and even The Harlem Shake wiggled its way into an 8th place spot.

Here’s that list:

– Paul Walker
– Boston Marathon Bombing
– Nelson Mandela
– Cory Monteith
– iPhone 5s
– Government Shutdown
– James Gandolfini
– Harlem Shake
– Royal Baby
– Adrian Peterson 

Check out more lists at Google Zeitgeist 2013.

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