An Ankle Brace For Achilles: Erik Karlsson Signs On As New Spokesman Of Stable 26

Ottawa Senator Erik Karlsson signs on with Stable 26

When Ottawa Senator Erik Karlsson’s Achilles tendon was cut by Penguins Forward Matt Cooke’s unlawful skate it took him out of play indefinitely.

The 23 year old Swedish player won the 2012 Norris Trophy, and led all defencemen in the NHL for goals at the time of the injury. With it, and the accompanying potential time out of play, Karlsson had his standing at risk. Going from being a star player to a comeback kid, Karlsson refused to be forgotten by what can be a gruelling, unsympathetic game, and got tough. The slice required a surgery and estimates had him out for 4-6 months. He was back on the ice inside ten weeks.

Still quiet about the extent of the injury’s disturbance to his game, back on the ice Karlsson has as much skill and gusto as ever, even more, and that’s been his story so far. Now he’s signed on as the newest spokesperson for Stable 26, a specialty athletic socks manufacturer with a mandate to provide the kind of reinforcement he needs. 

Stable 26 was founded by chiropractor Dr. Daryl Sherman, and is about providing maximum arch support, maximum ventilation and reduced friction with durable, breathable materials, mostly ergonomic nylon and silicone. “It was bad luck that put me in the place that it did” says Karlsson through a blizzard in Ottawa. “I wish I’d had Stable 26 before it happened.” 

“I came on board because I love the technology behind Stable 26. Their gear has improved my confidence on the ice, and truly made me a better player. You won’t find hockey socks with a better fit and comfort level on the market.” Karlsson’s an offensive defenseman, and this is an honest endorsement: he wants to play the best game possible.

In The Iliad, Achilles is outfitted with new armour for his duel with Hector. His new shield is decorated not with war, but with a peaceful world: constellations, a farmer’s field. We see the struggle he is in contrasted with the peace he carries with him. It’s the kind of balance that makes the warrior stable, and it’s this stability which makes him great.

You can’t change your feet, and not everyone gets custom skates, so Stable 26 comes down the middle with the highest-tech athletic sock out there. “It’s a possible area of improvement most athletes aren’t aware of” says Stable 26. That culminates to edge.

Now Stable 26, moving into other sports, is providing that same support for competitors across the athletic spectrum, both professional and otherwise.

Stable 26 foot-gear is available in specialty sports stores across Canada. 

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