Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in Quentin Tarantino’s Charles Manson Movie

He’s spent the last two years hinting at retirement, but Academy Award winner, Quentin Tarantino, seems to have his hands busy with some exciting new movies. According to recent reports from trusted outlets like Deadline and Variety, the celebrated auteur is already deep in the development stages of two high profile projects, including a Charles Manson-inspired drama and something set in the Star Trek universe. Both endeavours are certainly shaping up to be quite the undertaking, but given Tarantino’s track record, we could be in for some totally amazing cinema in the very near future.

The timely Charles Manson flick apparently won’t follow the infamous cult leader directly, but his crimes will act as a backdrop to a separate story. It’s also not set to shoot until later this summer, but the movie is already gaining traction online due to some big names being attached. Rumours are indicating that Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Margot Robbie are in early contract talks. Already confirmed to star is Leonardo DiCaprio, who previously worked with Tarantino back in 2012 for the pulpy western adventure, Django Unchained. Sony is likely to handle the film’s distribution process, making it the first Tarantino movie not tied to The Weinstein Company.

Meanwhile, Quentin’s completely unexpected Star Trek episode is being kept tightly under wraps for the time being. The one thing we do know, however, is that script duties will belong to Mark L. Smith, who most recently wrote 2015’s, The Revenant. That particular revenge tale also starred DiCaprio and even landed him his very first Oscar. We’ll have to see if Leo can deliver a similar award-worthy turn in the forthcoming Manson movie which hits theatres August 9, 2019.

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