Netflix Releases New Trailer for ‘Love’

Above: Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust star in 'Love'

It may have flew under the radar in 2016, but Judd Apatow’s Love was one of the best scripted comedies to hit the small screen. The Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs vehicle was a terrific breath of fresh air – portraying a relatively untraditional romance and letting it unfold before our very eyes. For the uninitiated, Love’s narrative was a welcome new take on the trials and tribulations of a modern affair, delivering a thematic package that would please fans of movies like High Fidelity and 500 Days of Summer. Meanwhile, for followers of podcasts and alternative comedy, Love was made extra special by showcasing beloved stand-ups and improvisers. Aside from employing podcast favourites like the aforementioned leads, Love was also augmented by including Seth Morris, Brett Gelman, and the Birthday Boys‘ Mike Mitchell.

When the first season wrapped up last year, Love was quickly confirmed for a second run. Before the new set of episodes drop next month, you can rest easy knowing that a third season has already been confirmed as well. That’s a hell of a lot of confidence from Netflix for a show that may simply be considered a cult hit. While Love isn’t as popular as some of its fellow Netflix originals, the fact that it has already been renewed and the sheer talent of those involved, means you can expect some awesome television. The new season is set to air on March 10, and because it’ll be on Netflix, you’ll be able to binge the series in one sitting.

Check out the new trailer for season two below, and be sure to catch up if you haven’t already given Love a shot.

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