Netflix Shares a Teaser for Dave Chappelle’s Comeback Special

Above: The famous comedian will debut new material later this month

Last year, Netflix dropped the microphone on everyone by announcing three new comedy specials from iconic stand-up, Dave Chappelle. Yes, you read that right: three completely new specials. Naturally, everyone lost their minds in anticipation, and it already became a clear win for both fans of Chappelle and executives at the streaming giant. This slew of fresh content marks a long-awaited return from the funny man, after he famously stepped away from the limelight in 2006. Despite a few public appearances and the odd stand-up set, the comedian remained relatively quiet throughout the last decade.

The silence was finally broken in November, when Chappelle was announced as a host for Saturday Night Live. Armed with a highlight monologue, the gig turned out to be a resounding success, augmented with material that sounded as fresh as it was biting. Chappelle proved that he still had a razor sharp wit, delivering his own unique spin on everything from politics to relationships. After the awesome late night appearance, it seemed as though Dave was prepping for big things in the new year. Barely a week following his stint on SNL, Netflix let the cat out of the bag and revealed the trilogy of specials would arrive in 2017.

While the news had us all amped up last November, we were still uncertain as to when the specials would arrive on the small screen. Thankfully, Netflix has blessed us with a teaser today, and they’ve confirmed that everything will stream on our screens incredibly soon. You can watch the monochromatic trailer below via YouTube, but don’t blame us if you get too damn excited. Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special will hit Netflix on the 21st of the month.

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