Mercedes-Benz is Recalling One Million New Cars

Above: Newer models from the company are said to be affected

German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, is the latest big company to be hit with some serious safety concerns. After a reported 51 incidents of cars catching fire, Mercedes has decided to initiate a massive global recall. One million vehicles will be affected by the move, and as of now, all of the models in question are from 2017. There has yet to be word as to what the recall process will officially entail, but the brand did say they will begin to reach out to customers at the end of the month.

The silver lining in all of this is that even with all of the reported fires, none were said to cause injury to passengers. That’s a hopeful stat to cling onto, and it appears as though Mercedes parent brand, Daimler AG, is looking to keep up this record. In a release sent out by company spokespeople today, it was stated that vehicles which have the potential to be affected are currently prohibited from being sold. “Any affected vehicles in inventory will not be sold until they can be outfitted with the additional fuse,” employees said.

We’re still waiting for confirmation on recall steps outside of the American market, but we do know that things in the States look primed for July. In the meantime, if you’re thinking of investing in a 2017 Mercedes-Benz, make sure it’s been outfitted with the new and proper parts. For more on this story, stay locked onto AmongMen.

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