Test Drive: Volvo XC90 Recharge SUV

We love to test drive new car models; (cue pun) it gets our motors running. But in all seriousness, we always look forward to testing out a new vehicle. Furthermore, the luxury SUV category seems to be rather crowded these days, so we decided one of our first test drive of 2023 should explore luxury hybrid SUVs. So we hit up our friends over at Volvo to test drive their Volvo XC90 Recharge (Hybrid) SUV for a week of city and country driving. We wanted to get the full experience. And, here’s how it went…

Performance: How well does the Volvo XC90 drive?
The XC90’s hybrid is equipped with powertrain and it makes the performance stellar. The system combines turbocharging, supercharging and electric propulsion (from its plug-in hybrid system) to somehow seamlessly deliver thrust that’s somehow both exciting yet comfortable at the same. Simply put, the drive feel easy yet powerful; from crisp electric steering to nearly imperceptible shifts. The brakes are smooth and the steering is impeccable. Stats wise, the XC90 Recharge accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds, which is quick for the size of this SUV. It just feels good to drive.

Comfort and style: We expect comfort, but is the XC90 cool?
When we look at a luxury SUVs, we expect sumptuous comfort and slick design. Of course, Volvo hits all the right notes with the XC90 Recharge. We tested the Ultimate trim package level and featured heated luxurious nappa leather seats. It made for a very comfortable road trip thanks to the powered 4-way lumbar supports (almost too comfortable, but we are okay with that). Furthermore, ride quality was just as good. The air suspension smooths out any rough bumps in the drive, and very little noise made its way into the cabin. It was very quiet inside. Simply put, this was a supremely quiet and luxurious experience.

Style wise, dare we say it was quite sexy for a Volvo. We appreciated the finer details like the walnut interior trim details and the crystal gear shift. Moreover, we appreciated the dark exterior trim option (over the standard chrome); the glossy black trim just added to the quiet luxury feel of the XC90.

Technology and safety: The XC90 is not your mother’s Volvo
We appreciated that the XC90’s came with a 9″ centre display screen that controlled all our needs (with voice activation as well). The display screen was quick to respond to the touch and was very easy to read. Our model came with the premium sound package from Bowers & Wilkins (19 hifi speakers and 1400 watts of sound). As music lovers, we loved this addition. As expected, all smartphones can pair easily via Bluetooth; Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration is standard.

Volvo is known for its focus on safety and the XC90 didn’t not let us down. Notably, the adaptive cruise control was very smooth while transitioning between accelerating and braking as traffic ebbs and flows. We appreciated that the emergency alerts were helpful rather than panic-inducing, and subtle steering inputs were more helpful than annoying on a vehicle this size to prevent lane departures. We must admit, we even tested out the emergency braking system and appreciated it in bumper to bumper city traffic.

Fuel economy: The Volvo XC90 Recharge excels
The XC90 Recharge plug-in hybrid has 8.6L/100km fuel economy (highway) as a hybrid and 53km on all electric.

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