Nintendo Releases Awesome Retro Trailer for SNES Classic

Above: The Nintendo SNES Classic will drop on September 29

It’s time to party like it’s 1990. Nintendo certainly knows how to evoke nostalgia, and the iconic video game company is setting out to further prove this notion. After the runaway success of their NES reboot, the brand will continue the trend yet again with the launch of the SNES Classic. The special modern edition of the beloved 90s console will arrive later this fall and when it does, it’ll do so armed with a collection of awesome games.

Fans of legendary IPs like Super Mario and Zelda will be happy to know that both will have a home on the SNES Classic – alongside other great titles like Star Fox and Yoshi’s Island. With a total of 21 games included in the bundled purchase, you can expect a ton of entertainment and replay value.

The retro device may look fairly identical to its originator, but the updated version will come with a few new features. Players will be able to adjust the screen with a number of unique borders and they’ll also be able to plug in their own USB controllers. That’s not all, however, as the 2017 Super Nintendo will also have the ability for in-game purchases, a handy rewind function, and a better FX processor.

The SNES Classic Edition arrives on September 29 and will retail for approximately $100 CAD.

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