Your Guide To Buying Her Flowers

Getting a girl flowers might seem like one of those old fashioned things no one ever does anymore. But like opening the door for her, actually calling instead of texting, and asking her out for the weekend before 5pm on a Friday, it’s one of those old fashioned things any girl in her right mind would appreciate. Buying her flowers should be a piece of cake—all you have to do is pick up a decent looking bouquet at the grocery store, right? Well, that’s one way to do it, but if you put in a little extra effort, it won’t go unnoticed. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when you’re buying her flowers.

DO buy them without a reason

This is the golden rule of buying flowers for someone. Giving them as a birthday gift or for Valentine’s is obvious and expected. But giving them on a random Tuesday for no reason whatsoever other than you want to is guaranteed to make her smile. Choosing the perfect flowers isn’t the point—doing something nice for her just because you feel like it is. That doesn’t mean only getting her flowers when you’ve had a fight or you know you’ve screw up either. Do it because it will make her happy, not because you want something out of it.

DON’T assume roses trump everything

You might think roses are the number one most romantic type of flower you can get for a girl, but that’s not necessarily the case. Roses are nice and all but what most women want is something that is unique to them and their tastes. They want you to be creative, to know them well enough to not just pick the most obvious option and call it a day. If you know for a fact that roses are her favourite then go for it, but otherwise, try to think outside the box a little.

DO remember her favourite flower

Okay, so not every girl necessarily even has a favourite flower, but have you ever walked past a flower shop and she pointed out one in particular that she really liked? Has she ever bought flowers for herself? Does it seem like she gravitates towards a particular colour? Noticing that kind of thing and saving that information for later is a fantastic way to impress her without even trying that hard. Don’t be afraid to randomly ask her what kind of flowers she likes either—just don’t do it when you’re literally at the flower shop realizing you don’t have a clue what she likes. Preparation is everything.

DON’T always have them delivered

There’s something to be said for showing up with a bouquet of flowers in hand or surprising her when she gets home from work with a nice vase of already cut and arranged flowers. Sure, clicking a few boxes, putting in your credit card number and having a random delivery guy show up at her office is nice and all, but she’d probably prefer to get them directly from you. Besides, don’t you want to be there to see her face when she realizes you got her flowers for no reason at all?

DO your research

You don’t have to know everything there is to know about every kind of flower to make an informed decision. But there a few things you might want to keep in mind before you buy a bouquet. For example, lilies are toxic to cats so if you want to avoid killing her beloved pet, avoid those. You also might want to make sure she doesn’t have any particular allergies that would make having a certain type of flower in her home uncomfortable. If she lives in a basement apartment, choosing a flower that needs a ton of sunlight might not be the best plan. Basically, make an effort to choose flowers that not only look good but actually stand a chance of lasting more than 24 hours.

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  1. Avatar

    These are some great tips for buying flowers for my girlfriend. I like how you said that buying them for any occasion, even if there’s no reason, is a good idea. She would love to randomly get flowers, so I’ll look into buying some.

  2. Avatar

    I appreciate your idea of getting the flowers myself and arranging them for her at home instead of having them delivered directly to her. We’re coming up on our first Valentine’s Day together and I want to make it a special experience. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I start looking for flowers to buy for her.

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